What is co-extruded decking?

Co-extruded decking is a high-tech decking option that has an even higher performance than normal composite decking.

All DanDek composite decking products are made using co-extruded technology. Co-extruded technology is, without a doubt, the most advanced technology currently being used in the composite decking industry.

What is Superwood series?

DanDek Global Superwood series composite decking is co-extruded directly which means there is no need for polishing after production. The extra hard surface and thick outer shield gives superior anti scratching performance compared to all other composite and traditional decking.

The unique Superwood composite decking series made using the latest eco friendly technology will enhance any commercial or domestic outdoor space and the technology allows it to stand up to harsh weather conditions, resist mold, mildew, & moisture damage and prevents annual sealing & staining while being quick and easy to install. The superwood composite decking series comes with a 25 year residential guarantee